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No Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter

, by David Longe, 1 min reading time

What would you do...
Assuming you wake up one morning and while preparing to brush you teeth, you discover that all your teeth has turned to pure GOLD, let's say 24 carat or so.

You then went to a dentist who confirms this is not your imagination, and then had the each Gold tooth valued to confirm that that each is worth 5 million USD at current market price.

How many teeth will you ask the dentist to remove so you can cash in on your surprise fortune?

Send to your friends and see how many funny answers you receive






  • Interesting question. Here is what I will do. I will remove none. I will use the 1 billion brain cells God has given to do the following: 1-insure my teeth for x10 the value & a clause to increase payout by 2.5% above the rate of inflation each year. 2-insure my life for x50 the value of my insured teeth with same increase in payout value as above. 3-get a publicist and go on a tour to include chat shows, paid public speaking, books, etc, (publicist get 25% of tour money) 4-use the money from my publicity to invest in property, help my family and friends. I will also invest in myself (This has the added advantage in promoting point 5 below & gaining investors confidence ) 5-register a company and my Gold teeth as the product, take 51% in stocks and sell the rest. 6- live off the rest with a clause that if I die before my 70th then the investors get nothing. If I die before my 80th then they only get 75% of their value back. If I die after I am 80 they get all of my teeth + 25% of my other 51% shares. They will therefore have an incentive to keep me alive. 8- provide for the poor by using the proceeds of the investments, thus sustaining a life of giving. 7- live on a private island to prolong my health and life. 8- smile everyday of the rest of my life.



  • Lol, I will remove two of my teeth , and keep the rest for the price to appreciate. Golden teeth for real.



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